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Thread: kupdateapplet lock file?

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    Hi All,

    I have 11.1 running very nicely on my AMD Phenom system. However, the updater in the task bar states that the "system is busy" when I try to run updates. Is there a lock file somewhere that I need to remove? Both, YOU and zypper have no issues running updates, it is the updater that loads on startup that is complaining about the updater applet being busy. I couldn't find any online documentation for kupdateapplet, so can someone point me in the right diection to get rid of the "busy"? Thanks in advance.

    Mike Doerner

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    the applet has an option "Check for updates only when the system is under low load". Try unchecking it. I had problems with it during the beta.


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    That makes sense, I'm running BOINC in the background, everything is always 100% cpu utilization. Thanks. I'll try that.

    Mike Doerner

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