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    Is there any availability for a dark forum style for those of us who are visually impaired and have problems with high-white high-contrast pages?

    I have tried making my own using Stylish, however I'm far from being a script css lord knows what else Queen.

    If there's another alternative way of having this, I'd be grateful for some help.

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    As I remembered having some option in compiz-fusion which pretty much did that I googled it and found this:

    Forlong's Blog - Desktop effects by default in Gutsy - how Compiz Fusion enhances Ubuntu's desktop of version 7.10 and ctrl+f for "Contrast" it mentions a "negative" filter for compiz-fusion.

    Maybe it provides some useful 'eyecandy' for you.
    (Yes link says Ubuntu.. but openSUSE runs compiz-fusion just fine)
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    Sadly this doesn't seem to work with ATI & fglrx. The key combination doesn't seem to do anything. I shall keep looking

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