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I just got at least a working solution:
change the default directory in the personal settings to be the home-directory (Systemeinstellungen -> Persnliche Einstellungen -> Pfade ; in english probably system settings -> personal settings -> paths).
Don't agree to move the contents of the folder if you don't want to find everything within Dokumente (or documents) in your new start folder for the xterm.
Nevertheless, I don't know what xterm should have to do with the location of documents. This should be changed!
Sorry, in a reinstallation of openSUSE-11.2 I ran into the same problem and found that I mistyped the sequence to change the settings. In German look for "Persnliche Informationen" and change "Pfad fr Dokumente" (Consider the consequences of moving the contents of the folder when you answer the question in the following popup-window!!).
Personally, I am very much annoyed by such changes of very basic behaviors like the settings of the default folder when starting an xterm from the kde-menu or from an application button (NOT out of an other xterm where you already selected your working directory by a cd-command). The opensource developers should more consider the practical consequences of such changes.