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Thread: Favourite graphics toolkit

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    Default Favourite graphics toolkit

    OK, what toolkit do you prefer? Based on which factors? I'd say wxWidgets because it's cross plataform and it would run on KDE and GNOME (even other DE), and it has some nice feautres.

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    I just prefer Qt Toolkit because
    • it is platform independent (at least most parts) and will compile on windows, linux, and Mac
    • is well documented, and not difficult to use
    • has a lot of features and is customizable (as you can see when you look at the kde4 libraries)
    • offers not only GUI libraries also libraries for network, sql, and some more.
    • looks pretty good
    • has good concepts in design aspects
    • offers an easy to use generator for makefiles: qmake.
    • has a professional background which guarantees a high quality, enhancements in a shorter time period, ...
    • Qt bindings are available for Java, Python, Ruby and a lot more programming languages.

    That are my main aspects why I use Qt.

    Have a lot of fun

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    Default Re: Favourite graphics toolkit

    I'm KDE user since 2002. Of course Qt.

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