Hi All,

Well, like everywhere - times are tough in Phoenix, Arizona.

I've started to collect job applications, and got my old H-P ScanJet 4300C scanner going again to scan to .pdf job applications forms.

Filling job application forms in by hand seem really stupid in this day and age, plus I've been using Linux for about 6 - 7 years now. Hey, the scanner that I have was given to me by a M$ user who could not get it to work under M$. LOL!

I've tried to edit using GIMP, but the output file is not .pdf. The best there is .jpeg, or .gif. And those files are huge!

I've got PDF Editor installed, but it doesn't seem to allow me to just add the necessary information that I need to do.

I'm talking about simple forms here - job applications - where I can add the needed information from a scanned document that I turned into a .pdf.

I've also tried the OpenOffice 3.0 extension from Sun, but that will not install. It is still a beta.

I've tried a few other things, but the idea is - open a scanned .pdf, add text, save it, and away it goes!

BTW, I'm running openSuSE 11.0.