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    Default Gnome installer

    This is a simple problem but nonetheless frustrating when you can't see a way round it!

    After using Suse with KDE for some time I have recently changed to Gnome which I find I prefer.

    However when I come to install addition packages (specifically Vym) there opens a long narrow window listing dependencies which have to be installed as well for the chosed package to work. One is clearly expected to click on a button somewhere to agree that this should be done. But the window extends beyond the bottom of my screen and has no scroll bar. So I can't install anything not already installed with the distribution.

    I am using Suse 11.0 64 bit

    I am sure I am missing something simple but can't see what it is!



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    Default Re: Gnome installer

    Try this from a console (as root):

    zypper in vym

    If there are dependencies which need to be satisfied, it should list them for you to accept.

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    davidsa3 NNTP User

    Default Re: Gnome installer

    Thanks! Worked a treat.

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