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    Shermz NNTP User

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    Trying to put in Winex on SuSe 11.0 x84_62 KDE4 version. It keeps requesting the but I already have libgphoto installed (it's ticked on Yast). Is there something i'm missing out here? Or any steps i can take to install the file? Sorry, quite new to Linux if this may seem a dumb question.

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    Shermz NNTP User

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    Anybody can help me out here? been 2 days since i touched my WoW.. really need to make WineX work or is there some other application i can use? Really appreciate it. Thanks.

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    Smile Re: winex requires

    You need to install libgphoto2-32-bit. I don't have 64-bit installed right now, but it should be in YaST. If not, it's here:



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    Why the winex (old fork that eventually turned into Cedega)? Old, old, old version of Wine there.

    Just add the Wine Build Service repo and install wine. YaST-Software-Community Repositories. Choose the Wine repo to add. YaST-Software-Software Management. Search for wine. Install it.

    Search the ap database at for the latest on World Of Warcraft for hints to get it working perfectly.

    CrossOver Games is another option. Makes installing stuff easier for stuff that needs tweaking you may not want to do yourself.

    Cedega is still based on that older Wine too. Wine is way past them in implementing Direct3D stuff. The only advantage I see is the cd copy protection work-arounds the Cedega folks implement. But even those are for old protections.
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