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Thread: Configuring PackageKit to ignore updates.

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    Default Configuring PackageKit to ignore updates.

    Does anyone know how to tell the PackageKit Update Applet to ignore certain updates? There are a couple of updates that will break certain applications that I have installed and it would be nice to get notified only when there is a new update instead of it always being orange.

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    Default Re: Configuring PackageKit to ignore updates.

    I don't use the tray updater. And I'm not sure you can tell it to ignore. You know you can lock packages in Yast software management to DO NOT MODIFY?!

    Or in zypper: Zypper/Usage/11.0 - openSUSE

    I often have packages I don't want updated so I manage all my updates from software management.

    Not really the answer you were looking for. Sorry
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