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Thread: Configuring PackageKit to ignore updates.

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    hayjeff NNTP User

    Default Configuring PackageKit to ignore updates.

    Does anyone know how to tell the PackageKit Update Applet to ignore
    certain updates? There are a couple of updates that will break certain
    applications that I have installed and it would be nice to get notified
    only when there is a new update instead of it always being orange.

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    caf4926 NNTP User

    Default Re: Configuring PackageKit to ignore updates.

    I don't use the tray updater. And I'm not sure you can tell it to
    ignore. You know you can lock packages in Yast software management to DO

    Or in zypper: 'Zypper/Usage/11.0 - openSUSE'

    I often have packages I don't want updated so I manage all my updates
    from software management.

    Not really the answer you were looking for. Sorry

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