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Thread: DHT Disabled on Ktorrent

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    Default DHT Disabled on Ktorrent

    Why do people at openSUSE disable DHT on Ktorrent? In these days of Broad Band etc, it slows the whole thing down by a considerable measure!
    Is there any way to reverse it, say by installing from Ktorrent from the source, rather than the SUSE package?

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    Default Re: DHT Disabled on Ktorrent

    It isn't disabled in Opensuse, it just isn't enabled by default in ktorrent. I don't think it has been enabled by default in any KDE distro I've used.
    Klaatu Barada Nikto

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    DHT is disabled in 11.0. It is a Novell thing I am sure. The work around is to get the version from Packman.. Remember to take the Virtual package rather than just update the app. This creates a dependency that reminds you that you do not want the official hamstrung version.

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    chrazer, how do you go about doing that? I looked in the wiki, but found nothing about "virtual packages". Could you enlighten me/us?

    edit: nevermind, I just found it over here.

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    Default Re: DHT Disabled on Ktorrent

    Using 11.2.
    With original KTorrent experienced the same problem with DHT.
    Following the recommendation in this thread, I switched to Packman, and it works now.
    BTW, GUI looks completely different.

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