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Thread: Dolphin Terminal Problem

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    Default Dolphin Terminal Problem

    So the problem is, when I press F4 in Dolphin, the terminal opens

    and I can't input anything there. If I try to, it closes. Even if I don't, it closes after a few seconds. I have made a profile in Konsole, made it default. I still have this problem. Any ideas on what it might be? I really loved using Terminal inside of Dolphin, made my life much easier.

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    Cool Re: Dolphin Terminal Problem

    2nd page, bump.

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    Default Re: Dolphin Terminal Problem

    Do you run Dolphin as root or any other weirdness?

    Just in case. It's expected that you can't see any input at the password prompt. Just enter the proper password and press enter.

    Also, is this KDE 4.0? 4.1? 4.2/unstable/trunk?

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    I'm using the newest version of KDE from the official repo, logged in as a normal user, I can input stuff in the line under Password: but it doesn't do anything. Think of it as a notepad that doesn't do anything and closes after 3-4 seconds. I've set the right profile as the default one in Konsole. I don't understand what the problem is.

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