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Thread: data recovery from degraded cds

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    Default data recovery from degraded cds

    I'm trying to recover data (jpgs mostly) from ~8 yr old CDR's that have apparently degraded. Trying to mount them I get a Hal.Device.Volume.UnknownFailure: error on 2 different computers. Can anyone recommend a technique or app to pull whatever data is salvageable off of them? I'm new to OpenSUSE but not to Linux in general and I don't mind getting down to the terminal or compiling apps so it doesn't have to be point and click. Thanks!

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    Default Re: data recovery from degraded cds

    You could try to copy off the image to ISO files using ddrescue (search for it), and then do whatever forensics are needed on the ISO file. It's pretty grim though if the directory on the CD is not readable.

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    I recommend a look at dvdisaster. It's a complete toolset to recover and protect cds/dvds and has a nice gui (if you can stand _not_ getting your hands dirty at the terminal )

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