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Thread: Help With E-Sword With wine

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    Unhappy Help With E-Sword With wine

    OK, I installed it,but although it starts nothing shows up in the text boxes(Bibles, lexicons, dictionaries )
    Don't know what to do now- I'm not such a noob any more but I'm stumped

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    There are a couple of things that you need to do in order to get this to work correctly.

    1. Copy the "riched20.dll" from the e-sword directory to the ".wine\drive_c\windows\system32" directory.

    2. Copy "msls31.dll" to ".wine\drive_c\windows\system32". This can be downloaded from DllDump - free dll files. download dll files you need immediately!.

    3. Open up wine config by typing "winecfg" in a terminal and add e-sword to the application settings if it is not already there.

    4. In the libraries, add "oleaut32", "riched20" and "riched32", all set as "native".

    Hope this gets it going for you.

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    Smile Re: Help With E-Sword With wine

    Ok, thanks a ton!.

    I don't think I followed your directions to the letter, but I got it!

    Thanks a lot!!!

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    Default Re: Help With E-Sword With wine

    There is also BibleTime and GnomeSword. Bothe are recommended by E-Sword.
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