Hello. Does anybody understand the following ?

0. When I login, the pending update icon on the bottom bar is orange. When I click it, I get a pop-up windows that say "No update available". The icon then goes to green.

1. About five seconds later, that icon turns red. When I click it, a popup window now says that 2 security updates and 4 additional recommended updates are available. Details cups 322 (twice) fileshareset 124 (twice) kdenetwork3-Instantmessenger 235 (twice).

2. I click "Install". The system asks me my password, which type. The icon turns then green on a red background. Five seconds later, it turns red on a green background. And then the system gets back to step 1, stuck in what seems to be an infinite loop.

Does anybody know how to force back OpenSUSEUpdater to some kind of normal behaviour ?