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Thread: Disabling NetworkManager

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    Default Disabling NetworkManager

    o/s version: openSuSE11 w/KDE4
    software: NetworkManager

    I changed my network setup method from NetworkManager to ifup, but upon startup NetworkManager persists in starting up.

    I tried looking in ~/.kde & ~/.kde4/Autostart, but there was no 'Autostart' directory in .kde and .kde4/Autostart was empty.

    Also I tried looking in Personal Settings>Advanced>Service Manager/Session Manager/Login Manager.

    Please help me get rid of this.

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    Default Re: Disabling NetworkManager

    Did you tried with yast?
    Open yast, then go to 'Network Devices', select 'Global settings' tab, then you will see an option to use the traditional ifup method.

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    Default Re: Disabling NetworkManager

    Yes, that was the first thing I did. Sorry if I wasn't clear.

    The reason I stopped using It is because I tried to set my ip statically, and for some reason that wouldn't work with NetworkManager

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    Default Re: Disabling NetworkManager

    I tried uninstalling it using software management. It told me that finch/pidgin/libpurple require it so I uninstalled it and rebooted my whole computer failed to make a graphical boot so don't try and uninstall it please.

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