I am the author of FET (lalescu.ro/liviu/fet/).

I used until 1 week ago OpenSUSE 11.0. I compiled FET and the size was little (the executable had ~12 MB). It is a Qt4 project.

Now, I installed OpenSUSE 11.1 beta5. I am compiling FET and the size of object files (.o) is very large. Also, the executable is very large, ~100 MB.

Is OpenSUSE 11.1 beta5 having a static version of Qt4? Or am I doing anything wrong?

How can I check that my Qt is static or dynamic?

Under Windows, it seems that compilation of FET is just as before, even if I switched from Qt-4.4.0 to Qt-4.4.3, to follow the update under OpenSUSE.