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Thread: updating libexiv2

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    Question updating libexiv2


    I'm getting provides errors while updating. I'm running kde4.1 (the factory version)

    The errors in YaST are:
    nothing provides needed by kde4-gwenview-4.1.3-51.11.i586

    It's also stopping kde4-okular and libkexiv

    Additionally, nothing provides bluez needed by kdebluetooth4-0.2-13.28.i586

    Any ideas on what I might be missing?

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    Default Re: updating libexiv2

    Really we could do with seeing the whole dependency error output. You can save it to file from the error box that pop's up in Yast (press the other button).

    Paste it here.

    It's likely a conflict between old kde4.0.4 packages and the Factory. But just tell me, when you look in Yast - Software Management and filter by repo and look at kde4 factory desktop, are there alot of blue or red updates? Say which?
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    Default Re: updating libexiv2

    The output from selecting Packages > Update all if newer version available is:
    nothing provides needed by
        [ ] do not install
    nothing provides needed by OpenOffice_org-
        [ ] do not install OpenOffice_org-
    nothing provides needed by kde4-okular-4.1.3-51.11.i586
        [ ] do not install kde4-okular-4.1.3-51.11.i586
    nothing provides bluez needed by kdebluetooth4-0.2-13.30.i586
        [ ] do not install kdebluetooth4-0.2-13.30.i586
    #### YaST2 conflicts list END ###
    I managed to resolve the libexiv2 problem by searching webpin & temporarily adding a repo (multimedia:/photo iirc) with it in. These others are still bugging me though.

    There are no blue/red updates in the factory desktop repo.

    Thanks for you help.

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