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Thread: Migrate from Outlook Express

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    Default Migrate from Outlook Express

    I have a coworker whose old computer was constantly riddled with spyware and such. He ordered and just received a new computer and I was trying to convince him to consider Linux (specifically openSUSE) on the new rig. He is going to try Vista first, but so far he isn't liking it. I imagine he may come around and give Linux a shot.

    He was using Outlook Express on his old machine (never touched OE myself) and he needs to migrate his mailbox. I found instructions online how to migrate from OE to OE on another box. My question, is can I transfer those files to a Linux box and somehow import his old mailbox into Thunderbird, Kmail or Evolution?


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    I think at least kmail has an option to import OE mailboxes. It worked seamlessly for me.
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    Can also be done with thunderbird. Have a read here
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