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    Alright I was in the middle of some updates when my wireless timed out. I restarted my computer got to the desktop I click on the applications menu my screen goes black except I can still see the mouse waited 10 minutes still a black screen. I have resarted the computer twice still same problem. I have removed the whole panel and added the default panel back still same problem. what can I do now? I was going to try and get back to yast to redo all the updates but I don't know how to open yast other than the applications menu.

    Also when I am downloading something I tend to move away from my computer to work on other things when I come back linux keeps shutting my screen off even though I have disabled it under the power management. And on another note I need to know how to take care of the timeout on the wireless I really hate linux shutting my wireless card down because the only way to bring it back is to resart my computer....any help on any of this....

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    Maybe an update gone wrong. You can always start yast in text mode from a console, and the same goes for sax -r if you want to reconfigure your video settings. As for liGNUx wireless -- well, it does tend to be a bit flaky, especially if you P2P a lot. Hardware vendors are to blame -- they really should provide operational liGNUx drivers for their hardware.
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    alright, how do I get a terminal window open I tried the run command but...unknown to me no commands can be executed with my run I need the path to the termianal program because I can open up dolphn and go through the file system, and also what is the command once in the terminal to run yast is it yum? AND is it possible to update all programs in the terminal and what is the command for that?

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    You can get to a console by using Alt+F2 then enter konsole.
    The update command is su (then root pass) then zypper dup

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