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    Exclamation SuSEconfig freeze


    I was updating my system which is openSUSE 11 when SuSEconfig froze and i had to kill Yast Online Update and reboot the system for it to run again without freezing. I heard that SuSEconfig is very important. Is my system potentially messed up or if I run it again will everything be OK and will it detect any changes. Can this cause problems in the future since the necessary configuration didn't complete the first time? I don't want problems down the road and i would rather reinstall now if this can cause problems as this is a production machine.

    Can an expert please shed some light on this?

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    IMHO, SuSEconfig is a holdover from the days when linux distros were much more fragile than they are today.

    I've disabled it on pretty much every version I've used since 9.3. I just became annoyed at the fact that it ran after every package installation. I've never run into an issue. But that's me, and I take responsibility for any issues that arise because of my own recklessness. I can't necessarily advocate that for everyone.

    I'm surprised that it froze, there isn't anything it does that should really lock up your machine. Are you sure it was really stuck? I know that, particularly with 11.0, it sometimes takes an inordinate amount of time with the GTK portion of the config.

    At any rate, I wouldn't worry too much about it, you should be ok. Though if you can post back specific details about where it hung up (you can check /var/log/YaST2/y2log.SuSEconfig) it may help narrow down if there is actually a specific problem.

    Hope this helps?


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    Default Re: SuSEconfig freeze

    I checked the log files and couldn't find anything about the crash. The system runs properly and SuSEconfig works so I think I will just take your advice and not worry about it. Thank You for your help and I apologize if I have taken long to respond as I have been busy lately.

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