i am pretty new in using linux...
i've got opensuse 11 with kde 4.1 running on a dell latitude d420 with intel graphic chip onboard. compiz is installed as well as the emerald theme manager, both recently and updated in latest version.
when i right-click on the fusion-icon in my system tray in the panel and select compiz as window manager the title of the windows is gone and if i then open emerald to activate the theme i wanna use, nothing happens...
i googelt quite a lot but all the advice was to install the nvidia driver coorectly (which i don't have because it's intel I am using) or the reinstall compiz / emerald from an actual reposity or redoing the settings, which when i follow the advice does not bring any solution in my case.
under window decoration emerald --replace is set.
so my questions are:
1) how do i get the main title bar of my windows back using compiz?
2) how can activate an emerald theme because clicking on it and close doesn't work?