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Thread: KDE Meta package available?

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    Default KDE Meta package available?

    I'm a die hard Gnome user, but I like to try KDE once in a while. It's a good desktop. So, my question is whether or not there is a single meta package that will install the entire KDE desktop on my computer?

    In Ubuntu I know that I can run a command like: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop. This gives me entire desktop just as if I had installed Kubuntu instead of Ubuntu. I'm assuming there must be some easy way to do this in OpenSuse as well.

    In any case I want to have both desktops installed and choose which one I want to use on login.

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    Default Re: KDE Meta package available?

    Installing KDE is as simple as:
    Yast - Software - Software Management
    filter by Patterns

    or kde4base

    Choosing at login requires that auto login is disabled:
    Yast - security and users - user and group management
    expert options - login settings
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