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Thread: Make a lauchable shortcut

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    Default Make a lauchable shortcut

    How can I turn the following code into a desktop shortcut that will launch in Gnome Term?

    cd /home/jmariscal/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/WatchGuard_10_2/wsm10.2wfs/
    env WINEPREFIX="/home/jmariscal/.wine" wine "CProgram Files\WatchGuard_10_2\wsm10.2\wfs\AppMngr.exe"

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    Default Re: Make a lauchable shortcut

    You had a slight error in the path it should be

    PHP Code:
    wine c:\Program Files\WatchGuard_10_2\wsm10.2\wfs\AppMngr.exe"

    env WINEPREFIX="
    /home/jmariscal/.wine" wine "C:\Program Files\WatchGuard_10_2\wsm10.2\wfs\AppMngr.exe
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