I have this need for desktop search, as I have a *lot* of documents and a *lot* of emails, and sometimes finding what I need can be a pain.

In the past, I've always used Beagle, and Beagle has always been fine. There's no Beagle applet in KDE4, but I've been using the KIO slave, and that's been okay.

What's not been okay is that sometime after I upgraded to OpenSuse 11, Beagle has decided to index everything in my home directory, and the config options seem to do nothing. For instance:

beagle-config FilesQueryable Roots /home/jonnycat26/Documents/pdf

Doesn't seem to add anything to the .beagle/config .xml files. And the option for searching the home directory is always "true", even when I use beagle-config to set it to "false".

Annoyingly, beagle-config will confirm it's setting it to "false", but then if I rerun "beagle-config FilesQueryable" it's true again.

Is Beagle as shiped with OpenSuse 11 hosed, or am I doing something wrong?

Or... should I be using Strigi? If so, will Strigi search emails, microsoft word documents, openoffice documents, and PDFs?

Or am I totally out of luck?