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Thread: SMB mount in commandline headaches.

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    Default SMB mount in commandline headaches.

    As root:
    mount.cifs //ipaddress/share /mnt user=username
    works just fine.

    But, windows has kindly changed one of the shares to 'External (G)':
    mount.cifs //ipaddress/External (G) /mnt user=username
    does not work.

    I've tried putting a \ before each bracket, and tried putting single and double quotes around the smb directory.

    How do I get this to mount?!?!

    (I'm accessing this from a far away computer, via another computer, so cannot change the name of the share, nor can I use any GUI)

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    Default Re: SMB mount in commandline headaches.

    Since I'm sure you've already tried putting quotes around your share, I'd suggest trying G$.
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