Hi -

I have been testing a web-based chatroom application called flashchat. It's really pretty cool, but I have this strange problem: when I try to type Russian characters into a chatroom, I get garbage - clearly there is an encoding issue.

The weird part is that the application claims to be designed to use UTF-8 encoding, and in fact, if I type Russian into a text editor, I can cut and paste it in just fine. Also, I can type Russian into this application just fine from IE7 in Windows Vista.

I thought that perhaps this was a weird linux-flash issue, but I upgraded flash-plugin to version 10, but have the same result. The app works fine with the optional ajax skin, but for other reasons that won't work for me.

If you want to test it, there is a demo posted here:
FlashChat v5.0.4

I could use some suggestions. I asked over in the flashchat forum, but no-one seems to be home. Ideas? Thanks!

- John