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Thread: FTP .torrent redirect download client to home server

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    Exclamation FTP .torrent redirect download client to home server

    hi all, Major Newbie here, i apologies in advise if this has already been answered or conman knowledge, but I have 2 PC's One running Opensuse and one running XP. I have been searching for a similar solution to Synology's download manager/redirector. see below.

    Synology Inc. - NEW NAS Experience - Synology Disk Station Manager 2.0 :: Download Station

    I wish to be able to search the net on either PC for FTP or .torrents and the Opensuse PC to do all the downloading. So the XP machine transfers any download (FTP and .Torrents mainly) to the Opensuse PC which will manage the download.
    The only software i can find is P2P transfer. which seems to work well, but this is only for Windows "client" to Windows "server" machine.
    Any help greatfully received.

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    I don't know of any such client, but let me tell you how I solved a very similar situation. When migrating from WinXP to liGNUx, I had some 100 - 200 GB of unfinished P2P downloads in Shareaza and there was no simple way of transferring them to my liGNUx system and resume downloads from there. So what I did was: I left the old Winbox with Shareaza running and downloading, while I just connect to it from my OpenSuSE box via a Remote Desktop Connection. I log in remotely, check out what Shareaza's up to, copy any finished downloads from Shareaza to my OpenSuSE box and disconnect again. I could just as easily add new downloads to Shareaza if I wanted to (I don't; I entrust all my new downloads to KGet and KTorrent). So maybe what you're looking for is exactly something like that: a remote desktop connection to your dedicated P2P machine. Then, you may even stash the box somewhere in the attic (or cellar) and never need to touch it again.
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    Well i was hoping for a more "yes of course there is..." answer. See i dont really see my kids and wife using Opensuse much (or trust them yet) so hence i wanted my opensuse box to be the main center machine, and then to use XP and have little or reduced hassle is anything they decide to download. At present it looks like ill need another machine running windows so i can uses the "P2P transfer" i found.
    thanks anyway. I guess tightVNC is a good remote control software for cross platform?

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