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Thread: No SSL support for MySQL?!

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    Default No SSL support for MySQL?!

    Yesterday I started wondering a little bit about the MySQL packages openSuSE is shipping with its distrubution and also deploying via the repository service.

    This packages are build without SSL support.

    By releasing the version 5.0.10 MySQL AB added SSL support to MySQL via openSSL or yaSSL. Also if there was a decision in the past not to compile it with SSL support because of dependency to openSSL, you could compile it with SSL support using yaSSL which is bulid in to MySQL since 5.0.10.

    What do you think about it?

    I general it is no problem for me to build MySQL from source to have SSL support but having it in the openSuSE packages would be wonderful.

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    Default Re: No SSL support for MySQL?!

    You are asking too late for 11.1 (unless someone else already has); there was a discussion of people's wishes for the new release a couple of months back.

    If it isn't in 11.1, make your views known for 11.2.

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