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Thread: Help understanding repoitories and dependency issues please

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    Default Help understanding repoitories and dependency issues please

    Hi all.

    First, a general question. Is it OK to have a bunch of repositories installed all the time, or better to stick with the official ones except where there is a specific need?

    For that matter, what are the general do's and don'ts of package management with openSUSE? Something isn't right for me, and I'm not sure how it happened, as I have only had this system installed a few days and haven't done anything "crazy" with it.

    As a result of installing nvidia drivers, codecs, etc with one-click, + following what seemed to be general recommendations, I have these repositories installed:

    joe@cerrmor:~> zypper lr
    # | Alias                 | Name                | Enabled | Refresh
    1 | openSUSE-11.0-Updates | Updates for 11.0    | Yes     | Yes    
    2 | Gnome_Community       | Gnome Community     | Yes     | Yes    
    3 | NVIDIA Repository     | NVIDIA Repository   | Yes     | Yes    
    4 | Packman Repository    | Packman Repository  | Yes     | Yes    
    5 | repo-oss              | openSUSE-11.0-Oss   | Yes     | No     
    6 | repo-debug            | openSUSE-11.0-Debug | No      | No     
    7 | Gnome_Stable          | Gnome Stable        | Yes     | Yes    
    8 | VideoLan Repository   | VideoLan Repository | Yes     | Yes
    There have been a few things that have seemed odd to me -- like dependencies I was shocked to see when installing certain things -- but I can't remember them specifically, and it's possible that only my ignorance made them seem strange.

    Then there is this:

    You'll note that I have locked these two to prevent problems. I can update them if I want, but I have to change "provider" to do so, which looks like it means "get it from a different repo"? (I forgot to screenshot this part...)

    If I allow them to update, it then shows libxidcore4 as a needed upgrade.

    If I allow it to upgrade this, it downgrades the gstreamer plugins, and I'm back to where I started in the first picture.

    What is the proper way to handle this? What is the proper way to avoid getting in this situation


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    Default Re: Help understanding repoitories and dependency issues ple

    You don't need VLC enabled, you only need libdvdcss from there then turn it off.

    update all unconditionally in Packman and you will have the correct multi-media packages.

    Otherwise all looks ok in your repo list

    Yes. Keep them to a minimum
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    Default Re: Help understanding repoitories and dependency issues ple

    Thanks. looks like this did the trick. I disabled the VideoLan repository, then did an update, and everything looks OK.

    But, I didn't "unconditionally" update, I just did "update" which, at the point where I was (with the .pm packages installed for those items) resulted in no actions.

    Is there a special CLI switch or menu item for "unconditionally" update (I didn't see when in the help at the CLI), or did you just mean "let it update no matter what it has to do"?

    Everything seems good, I just want to make sure I followed your advice properly.



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