hey all,

my su command is hosed. it's been working without error since install (3 days ago) and now has stopped working directly after the install of mlocate v0.21.1. I got the source (not rpm) from fedorahosted.org.

I followed the Read Me directions. It compiled with a minor error. it was last night, sorry I don't remember. it was nothing alarming though.

Installed, and ran updatedb. This errored as well but I kind of expected something to flake.

Anyway, I then closed out all terminal screens, browsed for a bit, came back later, and attempted to su for more admin stuff. Here's what happens now:

# su (actually displays as) # Password:
it doesn't show the letters su after you enter them at the prompt

then, enter the password, example of display and error:
# Password: assword
Error: p is not a recognized command.

I would like to issue my first ever: WTF?!?!?

Any help would be appreciated. I've only had the install for a few days so I can start over and be done in an hour or so. Either way - no sweat.

Thanks all-