Hey all,

I've been using Wine very frequently lately for games, such as Team Fortress and Counter-Strike, and they run pretty respectably, but I've run into one problem that I would like to overcome: I have no sound with anything run in Wine. I have tested my sound on OpenSUSE, and the sound works fine outside of Wine. I'm not familiar with general audio yet, let alone sound on OpenSUSE and Wine, so I wanted to ask the opinion of those more knowledgeable on the subject. I'll try to give as much information as possible to help clear up any confusion. I am almost positive that the sound problem is from Wine, because I do not have sound in any program I run under Wine, not just a specific game. When I open the Audio tab in Wine configuration window (by running "winecfg" through a terminal window), I have the following boxes checked (the "x" represents a check and "-" represents a blank box):

Sound Drivers

|X| ALSA Driver
|--| OSS Driver
|X| Jack Driver

When I press the Test Sound button, I get the following terminal output:

jack_client_new: deprecated
Cannot connect to server socket err = No such file or directory
Cannot connect to server socket
jack server is not running or cannot be started
err:wave:JACK_OpenWaveOutDevice jack server not running?
err:wave:wodOpen JACK_OpenWaveOutDevice(0) failed

There is also a alert box that appears which says the sound check has failed. When I uncheck the Jack Driver box, press the Apply button and then the Test Sound button, the Wine configuration window freezes and I have to force quit the program. There is also no output in the terminal when the window freezes. I thought it could possibly be the ALSA drivers, and I've tried the OSS Drivers, but there is still no sound. The following is the information for the current ALSA package installed on my system:

Information for package alsa:

Repository: audio multimedia
Name: alsa
Version: 1.0.18.git20081030-1.1
Arch: i586
Vendor: openSUSE Build Service
Installed: Yes
Status: up-to-date
Installed Size: 1.4 M
Summary: Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
ALSA stands for Advanced Linux Sound Architecture. It supports many
PCI, ISA PnP and USB sound cards.

This package contains the ALSA init scripts to start the sound system
on your Linux box. To set it up, run yast2 or alsaconf.

And this is a list of all installed, ALSA related, packages on my system:


Hope this is a sufficient amount of information.

Thank you for your help!