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Thread: problem with autorepeat

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    dgog NNTP User

    Default problem with autorepeat

    Dear All,

    I installed some months ago openSuSE 11 from scratch (HD had broken) on my laptop. Since then, I have a nasty problem with autorepeat.

    Problem: when typing, it occasionally happens that one character of what I write is repeated many times. E.g. on the console:

    > mathematica myprrrrrrrrrogram.nb &

    or on a message selected in kmail, I may press [del] once and shortly, and see instead 3 deleted messages.

    * It's not a keyboard problem -- it happens also with an external keyboard.

    * As I said, it happens on a non-regular basis, and the number of "repetitions" is not always the same. So I don't think it can be fixed by changing the autorepeat delay in xset (now 250), which I tried anyway.

    * I noticed that it happens at work and not at home, the difference being in the web connection.

    * From dmesg I get the following errors:
    ipw2100: eth1: firmware fatal error
    ipw2100: Fatal interrupt. Scheduling firmware restart.

    May this be related with my problem?

    * My current kernel is

    I would greatly appreciate any help on this really annoying problem.


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    Default Re: problem with autorepeat

    Same problem here on OpenSUSE 11.1 64 bit and all the kernels 2.6.27.* so far on an HP 6730s laptop and KDE 4.1.3.

    Did you find anything else on this problem?

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    Default Re: problem with autorepeat

    Did you test with another distro's livecd? With other keyboards?

    If it happens with other kernels, this has to be a hardware problem, not necessarily in the keyboard, it can happen in the mobo's ps/2 controller (and even if your kbd is usb, there's a usb->ps/2 conversion circuitry somewhere in the mobo).

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    Default Re: problem with autorepeat

    In my case it works fine in Windows Vista 64 (I have dual boot), so it is not a hardware problem.

    Dgog, in which computer did you have this problem?

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    goldie NNTP User

    Default Re: problem with autorepeat

    > In my case it works fine in Windows Vista 64 (I have dual boot), so it
    > is not a hardware problem.

    ok, if Vista is perfect then the hardware is perfect and it has to be
    a Linux (driver) problem, huh?

    try YaST > Hardware > Keyboard Layout

    look in the "Type" block to see what keyboard the install script
    identified as yours....and spin the control to try another...

    you might pick one that doesn't work...but, that is the way Russian
    Roulette works..

    alternatively, find a person with a HP 6730s *without* this problem
    and learn what their keyboard setting is..

    another way might be to boot from a Live CD/DVD (i'd recommend
    Knoppix) and see what his hardware detection routine thinks is best
    for that HP..

    THEN, if you continue to have this problem it will then have been
    *proven* to be neither hardware (because it is 'perfect' in Vista) nor
    software (because EVERY driver gives the same error)....and, you can
    begin your search for gremlins!

    the first grimlin i'd look at is the accessibility features, to make
    sure none of them have been activated incorrectly:
    Personal Settings > Configure Desktop > Regional & Accessibility >
    Accessibility >

    > Bell - check "Use system bell" ON, all others off
    > Modifier Keys - check "Use system bell..." all others OFF
    > Keyboard Filters - all OFF
    > Activation Gestures - check "Use the system bell..." all others OFF

    and, if those don't work with your keyboard/driver see what is set up
    in perfect Vista, and mimic it..

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