Ok first off, im using compiz fusion with gnome in Opensuse 11 (64 bit), so i wanted to copy something into the usr/share folder, so i opened up a terminal and typed in su, entered password, and started nautilus, then my background went back to default, but the file manager opened. I did w/e i had to do, but when i closed it, it didnt go back to being a normal user. So, i logged out, and after that i went back in, Compiz wont auto start. Everything has no window manager. So, i start up compiz, and try to fix everything (all the positions of of my items in the taskbar got jacked up) and my backgrounds are back. but whenever i logout and log back in, same thing happens. If its autosaving session, it should save my session with all the saved stuff i had right?

WTF is going on? anyone can help me?