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    My name is Jan and I'm quite new to Linux and OpenSUSE.

    I want to use PGF, an lateX extension, and I read that it is depending on xcolor, another package. There's where my problem comes in. I have a file called xcolor.ins which is supposed to be runned from a terminal, I suposse the GNOME terminal. I read that i need to type in "latex xcolor.ins" and it should work. But it doesn't. I get an error, that acces is not granted. I get the impression that I need some admin right, but I AM the admin, and the only user on this PC. What do I wrong?

    Btw also had this problem in an attempt to install something else in a traditional (as far as you can speak of traditions, I'm new) way, by the command ./ file-name.


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    xcolor is already in the openSUSE distribution; so I am not quite sure why you need to do anything other than include it in a LaTeX file.

    To add anything to a latex folder, you need to be root and use the root password, normally via
    su --
    but I don't think you need to.

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    All right, thank you. I suposse you're right.

    So here's the real problem, and the reason why I openned this topic (I thought that installing xcolor would solve this, but I was wrong. If I can I will alter the topic title.)

    LateX does properly the text, but images are not shown. It just leaves a blanc spot on there. Attached is my lateX code.

    Start document test
    % (0cm,0cm) is the lower left corner,
    % (5cm,2cm) is the upper right corner.
    % Paint a rectangle (stroke it, do not fill it)
    % The lower left corner is at (0cm,0cm)
    % The rectangle is 2cm wide and 10pt high.
    % Paint a filled circle
    % The center is at (3cm,1cm)
    % The radius is 10pt
    end document test
    This is all just copied from a tutorial. Strange ything is that a classmate of me cn compile this properly, he gets a result with the picture in it.

    What am I doing wrong??

    Thanks in advance,

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    I'm sorry, I cannot tell you that as I don't normally create graphics in LaTeX. I use xfig and then

    \usepackage{graphicx} in the preamble and


    in the document.

    You may be better off asking this question on a dedicated LaTeX forum.

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