One day when I was burning an ISO
with K3b it asked to kill the vmware process
to use the DVDrom. I killed it. Then I could not get back into my xp virtual machine. On top of that all
of the other virtual machines now freeze at 95 percent and will not load. I tried restoring the xppro vm from a snap shot, and now a yellow pause button that says suspended, is forever suspend on my virtual machine. I cannot start it
or stop it. I cannot start any of my other virtual machines. I have restarted about 100 times and no difference. I even tried deleting one of the virtual machines and creating a new one and that freezes at 95% also. Other than deleting all the virtual machines and reinstalling vmware, is there any other way to fix this.
I am using vmware ESX Server 2.0. I don't even remember if I installed this with a makefile or rpm but I think it was an rpm.

Any help appreciated,