I have a trivial problem, that is not actually a problem, but a mindor irritation.
suse11.0, KDE 3.5.9 and nVidia, 2 monitors.

I set graphics that my left monitor is second, and my right monitor is primary. I put menubar upwards like in gnome, and I extracted taskbar down. Both of them are on the right monitor, while left monitor is free of them.

Taskbar shows tasks from right monitor only. Whatever is put on left, there is no application bar in the taskbar. If I press "show all list" button on taskbar, popup lists all windows, left and right.
That is annoying because if I have one window maximized on the left side, and some window below it (left side), I must:
1. press show all list button
2. push mouse so compiz shows all windows
3. use alt-tab to browse through thumbnail windows.

I reckon this has something to do with settings in KDE, but I cant figure out what.

if anyone knows, I would be grateful.