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i mark this [Graphix] because i think this question is can be relay to graphics subforum that i suggest in survey, in one day in application forum can be wrote some pages of new themes. it is really hard to find even my own post... I still think that this will be more useful.... but that is admins should think about

the post
some months i try to print on A3 size paper and i have problems with this... My printer has some HW damage, so I have
"interfere with(dictionary hint)" because of it. I got my printer from service and try once more from the start.

I was really surprised that only one program can print normally with different sizes of paper and that is openoffice (i use draw)

all other programs including scribus could not give me choice to set up different page size. Maybe that is a buggies from drivers but one program has this and it is oodraw... i use Novell edition 2.4 and i do not know is this the same in this case as natural openoffice. That is a great move forward for me... I can congratulate myself

Next step is a QUESTION

If oodraw is most good for me as a printing program? I need some feature - import vector graphics (ps, eps, pdf, svg)

I read somewhere (I do not remember now) that import in svg is already made

If somebody know about implementing ps, eps, pdf, svg in openoffice let me know.