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Thread: ddiwraper and Canon printer Pixma iP4500

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    Default ddiwraper and Canon printer Pixma iP4500

    Hello, Id like to test ddiwrapper fro Canon iP4500 because proprietary drivers are much more worst than for XP. The printer is very slow and setting is very poor. So I found the possibility to use ddiwrapper but I dont understand how it works.

    I installed the package ddiwrapper but no idea what to do next. On one ubuntu forum I found that driverXP.exe is neccessary install to path for ddiwrapper but how? It is selfextractor for XP....

    Thank you for any suggestions and also if you have experinece with this way of printing.


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    Default Re: ddiwraper and Canon printer Pixma iP4500

    always something new to discover .........

    the guide

    AW: [EasyLinux-Suse] ddiwrapper fr Pixma 4300


    a. Make sure you have a recent version of WINE installed. Anything released after August 2004 should work fine.

    b. Run "make && make install"

    c. Get the Windows 2000 or XP driver archive for your printer from the driver download section of the Canon web site of your choice.

    d. Install the driver, preferably to /usr/share/ddiwrapper/drivers/default

    excanondriver <driver>.exe /usr/share/ddiwrapper/drivers/default

    If you install it to a different directory, you will have to change the PPD
    file accordingly before injecting it into the CUPS system. excanondriver
    uses cabextract, unzip and recode, so make sure you have these installed

    e. Inject the PPD file into the CUPS system

    lpadmin -p ddiwrapper -v usb:/dev/usblp0 -P doc/ddiwrapper.ppd -E

    This will create a printing queue called "ddiwrapper" that, if printed to,will pipe PostScript input through GhostScript, ddiwrapper and the Windows printer driver out to your USB printer. If you are using a graphical user interface such as kprinter you can use it to choose paper format, paper
    type, duplex mode and printing quality

    f. Finished. Now you should be able to print to your formerly unsupported Canon printer through CUPS.


    how did you go on all of that?

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