Greetings SuSE'rs,

** Can I on these forums ask for "help" with SLED 10?

Last week at work our Win2K boxes were replaced by SLED 10. The switch went smoothly, and I am so glad to be rid of MS Windows (no kidding! ).

But I have a small question - nothing big, just a detail - and I would like to know if the people at our IT department are right.

Every time I change my wallpaper, it is replaced by the "standard" one next morning, or every time I log out and back in.
I asked our IT department if and how I can keep my own wallpaper: he said that I, as a normal user, can not change it and that the superuser (root) has to change it.

Is this true?

At home, I have Ubuntu (Gnome), and I am perfectly able to choose and keep another wallpaper. Since I don't know the password of root, at work, I can not change my wallpaper.

Was the IT guy right and can I as "normal" user really not change and keep my own wallpaper?