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Thread: Questions on changing some of the KDE4 UI

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    Default Questions on changing some of the KDE4 UI

    I have some questions on a few aspects of the KDE4 user Interface I would like to change/edit.

    First, How do I add/change the Actions menu from the context menu (Right-Click on file/folder menu)?

    Reason: I use peazip for 7zip, but when selecting multiple folders, I'd like to just Right-Click and Open with peazip! (Something 7zip allows you to do in Windows) Plus other stuff I'd like to add...

    Second, (and this might be a long shot, if even possible) Is it possible to replace the GTK+ file browser in GTK+ applications like Firefox, VMware, Pidgin, etc with the KDE4/QT file browser?

    Reason: I don't like gnome (no DE wars please) and I'd rather use KDE's UI when choosing where to save/open files. I know how to change Firefox's file picker, but it's still not KDE4/Dolphin. Firefox in Windows doesn't use GTK+ file picker, it's explorer! I think I did find an app for gnome to replace QT file dialogs with GTK+. Is there an app to do the opposite for KDE?


    P.S. Using KDE 4.1 in openSUSE 11.0

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    Default Re: Questions on changing some of the KDE4 UI

    1) You can enhance Actions menu with so called "Service Menus". There are many of them: KDE-Look Service Menus

    In your case this one will work: Extract And Compress

    Read the general instructions here: How To Service Menus

    2) For KDE file dialogs in GTK apps you can try KGtk: KGtk (Use KDE Dialogs in Gtk Apps)

    People haven't found success with it under KDE4 yet, though.

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