I use 0penSuse 11.0 with gnome.

I want to open .ogg-files by double-click with banshee (0.13.2).
But when I click on them only banshee opens but does not play anything.
I can start banshee first and than choose and open the .ogg out of banshee's menu - so banshee can pay ogg-files generally.
(I can choose rhythmbox/vlc ect. instead of banshee but I like looking at big covers when the music plays...)

So I think I have to alter the "open with" preferences (associations, bindings) with a right-click on a ogg-file and than choose not the "banshee"-icon but search the right program manually.
What application/path do I have to choose
to to open .ogg-files by double-click with banshee?
Or what command do I have to type not only to start banshee but also to add the ogg-file to the banshee's playing-list?

Thanks a lot,