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Thread: Addon for konqueror?

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    Default Addon for konqueror?

    I am using KDE 3.5 with opensuse 11.0
    I would like an addon or program to browse files with a easy way to acces my external USB or desktopos shorcuts, like gnome ubuntu does.
    Is any addon or something to do that?

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    Not sure what you mean. You can easily create a bookmark to any desired folder including your desktop or USB drive from the Bookmarks menu. The USB drive normally appears under "/media".

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    The thing is not to navigate into "media", to have in the left panel a shortcut to my USB, and, when I select the Desktop to see all the shortcuts I have on it.

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    If you look at the lefthand tabs in Konqueror, you'll see one for bookmarks, and you can make that the default if you want so they show up whenever you launch the file manager view profile. Also, the System tab has a "Storage Media" tree node, which has the currently-connected USB drives in it.

    When you select Desktop, your shortcuts should show up in the main panel, just as any other folder's contents would.

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