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Thread: Thunderbird and Outlook

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    Default Thunderbird and Outlook

    Hi I want to change over to a purely Linux enviroment, however there are some thing still prohibeting me to do so. One of these thigs is the ability to access all my contacts in Thunderbird. Is there perhaps another program what I can use to import all my contacts from Outlook? I can successfully log into our exchange server at office, with TB, but I have to have access to the contact list. I also have to have access to my calender, as this forms a critical part of my daily planning. Do anyone also perhaps know if there is a possibility to synchronise a Sony P1 / 810i with the calender and contacts in Linux?
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    Default Re: Thunderbird and Outlook

    surely M$ outlook can export all your contacts? to a file that you can then import
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    You can use evolution. I've installed evolution (and evolution-exchange) via yast. I can do almost everything.

    The only things that don't really work for me are:

    • Subscribing to other peoples calendar or mailbox.
    • Accepting Appointments and syncing them to my PDA.

    I can except the appointment and it shows up but it never gets synced to my PDA.
    Everything else works great.

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    A word of caution on Evolution, though: Its support for HTML differs from Outlook such that if you reply to Outlook messages, the quoted messages will lose some of their HTML formatting. This makes it obvious to others in your organization that you're not using Outlook. Maybe not an issue for you, but it was for me.

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