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Thread: KDE 4.0 icons stick to panel forever

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    Default KDE 4.0 icons stick to panel forever


    I've got KDE 4.0 installed along with compiz-fusion in my openSUSE 11.0. This may seem like a trivial question but here we go: I've added some icons to my panel from the menu using 'Add to Panel', but now i can't remove them

    I right-click on the icon on the task-bar and select 'Remove from Panel' and it goes away, but as soon as i reboot the system up it goes again. It's most annoying.

    Is this a bug?

    Also i've noticed my 'system-tray' has gone since i re-positioned my task-bar vertically along the left away from the normal 'bottom' position.

    Would i be better off living with it until a new openSUSE 11 / new KDE comes out?


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