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    I'm using GNOME 2.22.1, but previously I had used KDE 3 with the QtCurve style. Under KDE, there was a theme configuration dialog for QtCurve from which I exported a .qtcurve file. Is there any way to use the config file with GTK QtCurve?


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    The short answer is NO.

    You need to install kdebase to get kcontrol.

    Just follow one of these two pages:
    Nerdica Tweaking KDE GUI Apps in a Gnome Environment
    KDE Applications looking bad in GNOME? Let’s fix ‘em up. Il Pozzo Oscuro [written for ubuntu users but easy to get it work under suse]

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    is there still no way to configure the gtk-qtcurve theme settings in kde4?

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    GTK apps looked awful under KDE (specially with dark themes) until I came to the idea to deinstall qtcurve-gtk2 and qtcurve-kde4. I guess that's not what you want but it would make GTK themes looking as expected ( = as GTK themes).

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