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Thread: ATI + Desktop Effects Freeze

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    Default ATI + Desktop Effects Freeze


    First of all, I must say I am a complete newbie.

    Laptop Specifications:
    CPU - Intel Centrino 1500MHz
    RAM - 2GB
    Video Card - ATI Mobility Radeon 9200

    I am trying to activate desktop effects (compiz). In the main menu I'm going to Applications >> Utilities >> Desktop >> Desktop Effects. Then, in that window, I click "Enable desktop effects". Everything is just fine and effects are working as they should.

    The problem is the following: When I shut down, restart, logout...etc my computer, doesn't respond, it freezes...the only way that i have is hard turn off with power button.

    I am running openSUSE 11,0 and KDE 4.
    I hope anyone will be able to help!

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    jpcunha NNTP User

    Default Re: ATI + Desktop Effects Freeze

    Hei, people anyone help??

    This is a driver issue or a compiz problem?


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    Default Re: ATI + Desktop Effects Freeze

    Have you tried updating your fglrx(ati drivers) through YaST first? Consider adding the ati repository and updating the drivers to see if it helps.

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