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Thread: question about postgresql-contrib package

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    JordiJoan NNTP User

    Default question about postgresql-contrib package

    Hi everybody, I'm new to openSUSe and new to this forum, I hope I will enjoy

    My openSuse is openSUSE 11.0
    I think the package postgresql-contrib 8.3.1-15.1 should contains the ossp-uuid library but it doesn't. Could be a problem of the packager manager? Any idea? Who cares about what is included and what is not included in a package?
    Unfortunately I need this library urgently



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    Default Re: question about postgresql-contrib package

    Did you install the libuuid-devel pkg?

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    JordiJoan NNTP User

    Default Re: question about postgresql-contrib package

    Yes, 1.40.8-20.1

    Also I tried to install the ossp-uuid separately from the OSSP: OSSP uuid but it doesn't work, it appears a problem when I try to run the sql script.

    From the postgresql-mailing list I had this answer:

    Looks like you need to complain to the opensuse packager about having
    omitted the uuid-ossp module.


    any idea

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