I am a bit new to openSUSE and the whole Linux thing, so please be gentle.

I recently installed openSUSE 11.0 and found this RSS Feed Reader called Akgregator. It came pre-installed when i installed openSUSE 11.0 off the DVD off a magazine (Linux Format).

Works great, problem is when i start openSUSE 11.0 first thing in the day (or afternoon in my case - i lie in a lot) it just waits for nearly 10 seconds before it goes up in a puff of smoke, it's icon optimisically portraying its splendour just disappears from one second to the next from the taskbar.

I say disappears but actually if i open-up konsole and do a 'ps -A' (yes i know that command) it shows me agrekator is running. Worst still, i then kill it with 'killall akgragator' and then try running it again and... it works!! Also when adding a newsfeed using the Feed/Add feed... command it loads up the feed but as soon as the latter fetches the feeds it crashes with a SIGHUP 11 or something similar, a KDE crash handler dialog informs, and that the application was asked to save its file. I can then re-start the application and it works normally. Been doing this routine for over a day and it seems to carry the program seems to carry on normally after that.

So i think do i need to upgrade this program?

So, I look in the Help / About Akgregator... menu item and it says i've got version 1.2.50 installed. The years Copyright (c) years are 2004, 2005, and so presumably this is quite an old version.

Thing is i tried 'update' with the Yast / System / Software Management and apparently i downloaded the latest version from openSUSE repositories, but the software has still got these bugs.

I also remember having this same issue with Kate text editor which when i was having issues with in the code-folding, but this was in openSUSE 10.3.

Now you got to help me out here. I'm not sure which direction to turn in when i find bugs in the software. Are you supposed to go to the web site where the software is downloaded from and download a package from there, or are you supposed to let the SUSE package-manager handle it for you? I seem to get varying opinions.

On Windows there was just one way. When a software program has a bug you go to the web site and see if there is a new version available, that was the solution and it works ... most of the time.

Obviously there's a different route and probably a variety of routes in Linux so generally i would like to be taught, but specifically if someone could let me know what to do about Akgregator 1.2.50 which came with my openSUSE 11.0 i would be extremely grateful.