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Thread: Cairo Dock issues

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    I'm running OpenSUSE 11 (GNOME) and I just enabled Compiz-Fusion and installed Cairo Dock (this is a fresh install). I also run Ubuntu 8.04 with both Compiz and the Cairo Dock and it installed and runs flawlessly.

    The issue I'm having in SUSE is when I click on an application launcher on the dock it wont open and does nothing. If I right click on the launcher and choose "Modify this launcher" and click "Open" under "Image's name or path" I get the following error

    the folder contents could not be displayed
    Error stating file '/home/steve/terminal': No such file or directory
    It looks like it's looking the my home directory for these applications, any idea why or how to fixy?

    TY in advance <:-)

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    malcolmlewis brought up a good question in another thread regarding the fact that I'm running Cairo Dock using SU. This was the issue here and running it as myself is now working again.

    I have a new issue though, I can't change themes without running the dock as root - now sure why?

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    All issues were resolved with malcolmlewis answer in this thread

    Autostart cairo-dock - openSUSE Forums

    Thanks for all your help!

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