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Thread: Unable to install/remove/update applications!

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    Default Unable to install/remove/update applications!

    Hi, I'm going through the learning curve after migrating from WinXP to OpenSUSE 11.x, and I still don't understand several points so please help me with this one to start with.

    Initially I was able to install, remove and update all the applications without problem. Now this module simply doesn't load. I launch it from the Yast window but after it requests the Root PWD the module never opens. Furthermore, I installed Opera and recently I tried to update to 6.0 but it never worked.

    I'm really puzzled as I only created the administrator account so there shouldn't be a permissions issue.

    Please let me know your suggestions.


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    Default Re: Unable to install/remove/update applications!

    Before doing anything at all: create a user-account and use root *only* for administrative tasks. You propably messed up something with admin privileges, which has much worse consequences than messing up stuff as user.

    There's a reason for splitted user-privileges. In case you ever went online as root, reinstall your system, for it might have been attacked already.

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    Default Re: Unable to install/remove/update applications!

    Yes as gropiuskalle you should NEVER run a Linux system as root.
    As it can result in a broken anb/or compromised system.
    You might be able to fix things by using the dvd by booting from it and doing a system restore.

    If not a reinstall (thought normally needed) my be your best bet. Make sure you backup your data first. And make sure you have a normal user and only use root when absolutely necessary like running yast.

    Also do some reading eg here and here

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    Default Re: Unable to install/remove/update applications!

    Thanks for all the responses. I just checked and yes, I'm using another account (aside from root). In any case I also think is very likely I messed up something as I keep having this problems. I'm gonna reinstall completely and start from scratch.

    Thanks again!

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